About Us

AURORA plant is one of the leaders of the Russian packing industry market. We produce and deliver a wide range of equipment for container washing, product dispensing, closure, labelling and final packing. Large variability of models – from cost-efficient manual machines to multifunctional automatic filling lines – enables each manufacturer to find a unit optimal in terms of both budget and functionality which will completely meet individual production objectives and industry standards.

Company Mission

We help manufacturers of food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and other products arrange efficient process fitting out of production sites and create high-quality and safe goods. The offered level of service and reliability of the pre-packing and packing equipment compliant with the global professional standards allow saving significant financial, labour and time resources of a facility, selling products at affordable prices and increasing production volumes.

We work to promote the development of key aspects of our customers' activities and thus to improve quality of products and people's lives.

25 Years of Continuous Improvement

All we've achieved today is the result of more than 25 years of development. We started in 1998 in Saratov as a small production of manual and semi-automatic closing units for small pharmaceutical producers. Initially we relied on the flexibility and versatility of equipment, which later allowed us to fulfil orders of enterprises from other segments of industry: veterinary, cosmetics, food, chemical and so on. Focusing on customers' needs, we were constantly increasing the range of manufactured products creating new machines for primary and auxiliary packing processes. At the same time, the number of personnel increased, workshops were modernised and more powerful equipment was purchased.

Nowadays, AURORA plant is a full-cycle enterprise: we render engineering, validation, equipment selection services and perform further manufacturing, shipment, commissioning and maintenance works.

Extending the Boundaries

Our equipment is successfully operated not only throughout Russia but also in more than 20 other countries. As part of the export sector development, the company takes part in major international exhibitions and trading business missions in other countries. Our delegations have already visited Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Türkiye, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan.

Based on the results of the management systems certification audit, we obtained the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018 and ISO 13485:2016 international certificates officially confirming that our production is arranged in compliance with strict international standards. The equipment produced by the plant has successfully passed CE certification and has official certificates of conformity with the requirements of the European Union Directives.


Throughout the years, we have cooperated with manufacturers of high-quality materials and accessories, optimised cooperation with large transport agencies and other associated service companies. Due in no small part to this, we adhere to the “honest prices” policy without overpricing and sometimes give discounts to our customers.

Our enterprise has strong production capabilities: sites equipped with high-tech machines and tools, professional personnel, as well as large experience in implementing projects of different complexity. This enables prompt solutions to our customers' problems.

The motto of our company, “Reliable Equipment”, is confirmed not only by all required quality certificates and other documents guaranteeing safety of operation of our units. Multiple feedback from our customers is the most significant evidence of the equipment efficiency and reliability.
We occupy stable high positions in industrial ratings and our equipment successfully works both throughout Russia and abroad. Well-developed production, competent specialists and high service level: these and other indicators are integral aspects of our activities.

Production Broadcast
You may watch the production processes at AURORA plant sites online! We made the webcams installed in the production premises publicly available so that visitors of our website may see how equipment is being created, tested and packed!


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Our history

Since 1998, we have been working with clients from the pharmaceutical and food industries. Our first developments were semi-automatic capping machines for pharmacies and small-scale pharmaceutical and veterinary industries. In the early 2000s, we mastered the production of peristaltic and piston pumps specifically for pharmaceutical companies.

From the very beginning, we tried to provide our customers with products that meet all the necessary requirements for pharmaceutical equipment, as well as the GMP standards.

In the 2000s, there was a period of rapid development of the company associated with the growing need of our customers for new, more technological equipment for products packaging. At this time we mastered the production of full-fledged technological lines from the site of washing and forming bottles and the labeling and dating machines. Also, in order to fully meet the needs of large pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers, we began to supply foreign equipment from well-known European and Asian manufacturers.

Now “AURORA” is a full-cycle enterprise, within which we are ready to perform engineering services, validation, selection of the necessary technological equipment, followed by delivery and commissioning of equipment as a single production line.


Our values


For a long time we have developed a good reputation among partner companies, which allows us to provide you with equipment at a price lower than the price from a partner. You can easily verify this by contacting us on request.



During the time that we are in the market, the policy of "fair prices" was developed and successfully applied, at which the equipment costs as much as it should cost, regardless of your financial capabilities. This means that you can be sure that prices are not too high. Also in exceptional cases, we meet the customer’s requirements by lowering the selling price.



The slogan of our company is Reliable Equipment and it confirmed not only by the presence of a quality management certificate, but also by feedback from our customers and rich experience in the successful operation of our equipment.

A wide range of equipment for various stages of the production of medical products from manual machines to automatic lines is in the equipment catalog. You can choose machines for individual tasks, in accordance with the requirements and your budget.


The peculiarity of the technological equipment market for the preparation, filling and subsequent packaging is assembled on request and taking into account customer’s samples. Also, prior to acceptance and shipment, all equipment is debugged at rated performance on all types of customer samples and in accordance with the technical specifications. After the run-in, FAT acceptance of the equipment takes place. For the FAT, a commission consisting of the head of the assembly area, the fitter and the designer of the machine, the manager, the project leader, and the customer’s representative are gathered. In the absence of a customer representative, video recording of equipment operation is performed, and an equipment technical readiness report is drawn up. Ready equipment is packed in a wooden container that reliably protects the machine during transportation. Sending is carried out by motor transport to the door of the customer.


Be sure to visit our official YouTube channel and watch a video about the working process of our factory and a more detailed video about the equipment production process. Thank you for choosing us!