Engineering is an integral part of fitting out any enterprise. Creating new or upgrading existing facilities is impossible without designing, performing all necessary analyses and selecting equipment allowing to cover funds invested in the business expansion as soon as possible.

AURORA plant renders the full range of engineering services as part of fitting out of pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetics, chemical and food industries:

  • Turnkey fitting out of a production facility: from concept design to commissioning of installed equipment, FAT and ramp-up as well as provision of validation reports compliant with international standards.
  • Comprehensive fitting out: both during construction of new enterprises and when upgrading existing facilities. We will do all the work regarding equipment arrangement planning to provide for the maximum convenience of personnel work and optimal performance of tasks.

Process Optimisation.
As a result of adaptation of all key operations, it is possible to reach uniform performance of works, reduce labour and financial losses, avoid overloads of equipment and personnel and, most importantly, prevent production defects.

  • Validation support. Availability of relevant documentation allows our customers successfully pass all procedures associated with the processes of validation and certification, as well as documents full compliance of a process using our equipment with all the existing requirements and declared capabilities.
  • Leasing of equipment. The equipment leasing programme by AURORA plant is an attractive financial solution which fits both for expansion of large industrial facilities and small business enterprises including individual entrepreneurs. Flexible transaction conditions and a wide range of our equipment will facilitate finding an optimal solution for companies from various industry sectors.

Development of pharmaceutical equipment as per GMP. We produce a wide range of equipment compliant with all standards of this international practice. This enables a manufacturer to ensure proper quality of all processes and production of safe products.
Warranty and Servicing. We provide official warranty for all manufactured equipment. The warranty period for standard units is 12 months from the date of delivery. The specific period mainly depends on the selected model and individual equipment features. In some cases, warranty is determined by the number of implemented operating cycles. After expiration of the basic warranty period, we render post-warranty services.

Production fitting out with AURORA is a convenient, fast and profitable way of arranging processes at your facility!