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"AURORA" offers a wide range of high-tech filling equipment of its own design for packaging food (juice, beer, milk, alcoholic beverages, sugar, salt, coffee, sauces, mayonnaise, jam, honey), pharmaceutical and veterinary drugs (solutions, powders , tablets, ointments, suspensions), cosmetics (shampoos, lotions, shower gels, creams, scrubs), household and automotive chemicals (liquid soap, washing and cleaning products, car cosmetics). Each filling unit is unique equipment and is made according to the specifics of the Customer’s activities. In selecting the optimal modification and configuration, our competent managers take into account all factors: the characteristics of the product being packaged (its consistency, fragility, fluidity, abrasivity and other properties), the required performance, the dimensions of the production room and a number of others.

The line of mechanical filling machines is represented by compact handheld devices, which will be the optimal solution for small-scale production (Pneumatic filling machine MDR, Manual tablet press MD-500T). Despite the low productivity of the installation, they are distinguished by wide functionality and the possibility of equipping with additional devices (Manual mechanical filling machine with mixing device).

The group of semi-automatic peristaltic filling machines is represented by a wide range of models with different capacities and additional options: Peristaltic filling pump MDP-200M, Peristaltic filling pump MDP-200D, Peristaltic filling pump MDP-200 Mini and several others. The special design of the filling head excludes the occurrence of pulsation, vibration and vortex phenomena, which is especially important when packing products with a complex structure (pharmaceutical solutions, suspensions, chemical products, pesticides).

Automatic peristaltic filling machines are more overall installations, equipped with conveyors for the convenience of moving bottles and sensors that determine the presence of a bottle at the filling position. The equipment is characterized by a wide variety of additional functions: Filling unit with simultaneous feeding of two types of liquids MDP-200L, Peristaltic filling machine MDP-200L with 6 nozzles and loading table, Filling unit with 12 filling heads, a loading table and a dividing disc MDP-200L.

The range of manufactured and supplied semi-automatic piston filling devices includes both installations as standard (Semi-automatic desktop piston filling machine MD-500D5) and with a heating jacket (Piston filling machine MD-500M1 with heating jacket), a mixing device (Semi-automatic volume-piston filling machine MD-500M with a stirrer) and other possibilities (Semi-automatic filling machine MD-500M1 with product intake function, Semi-automatic hot filling piston machine MD-500D3). Installations of this type are presented in desktop and floor execution.

The filling device in automatic piston machines is made of the form of a piston pump with volumetric regulation and is equipped with a system that ensures the filling of the container with the product without residue (without the effect of the “last drop”). The equipment can be made with an accumulation table (Automatic piston filling machine MD-500D2M), a mobile platform for quick installation of the filling machine at the place of operation (Automatic filling machine MD-500D2P) and in other modifications.

Automatic linear piston filling machines belong to the category of the most high-performance filling units presented in our catalog. For the dosed supply of liquid and pasty products in large-scale industries, the Automatic linear piston filling machine MD-500DL with the possibility of filling highly viscous liquids (100% glycerol and thicker) was developed. Automatic filling machine BR-100 for dense products and automatic filling machine MD-500D2P provide effective filling of the dense and foaming products. These models can be equipped with production counting and rejection systems.

Especially for packing thick, bulk and granulated foods (milk powder, seasonings, starch), household chemicals (washing powders, cleaning products), cosmetic and pharmaceutical products in powder form developed a line of screw and bulk dispensers. Installations are adapted to work with complex products that are prone to sticking due to the construction equipment with special agitators capturing the entire surface of the hopper (Semi-automatic filling machine for bulk products and powders MD-500P3, screw filling machine (weight / volume) MDSH-600).

The design capabilities of our filling machines allow us to implement the process of packing the product into different types of tare (vials, bottles, cans, bags, etc.), which is achieved through readjustment (replacement of equipment). Such wide universality allows manufacturers to launch new products without acquiring additional packaging equipment. The result of the introduction of the filling units manufactured by “AURORA” is a reduction of the load on the staff, minimization of packaging costs and an increase in the volumes of the manufactured products.

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