Equipment for filtration

Filtration of the product occupies a special place in the production of a wide range of pharmaceutical and veterinary drugs, a number of cosmetics and food products. The required level of quality of cleaning the product from impurities is achieved by using specialized filtration units.

"AURORA" offers a line of high-performance equipment that provides effective purification of liquids from mechanical impurities, organic substances and microorganisms. The devices are developed by our specialists with all the features of the implementation of the filtering process in industrial enterprises and research centers.

We produce models of installations with different functionalities. The installation of membrane filtration UMF is equipped with blocks of mesh filters that consistently implement the processes of coarse and fine cleaning. This machine is very versatile and can be used to filter drugs, milk, alcoholic beverages and other products of different industries. To combine filtration and filling operations, we offer a multifunctional membrane filtration unit with filling function MDP-200F. The equipment is equipped with a block of membrane filters that retain solid particles and organic matter, resulting in the formation of separate streams: purified product (filtrate) and trapped impurities (concentrate). The machine includes a peristaltic filling pump, the drive of which can be made on the basis of the pumps MDP-200, MDP-200M or MDP-200 Plus – depending on the type of product being filled.

These units can be operated both in standalone mode and as a functional section of triblocks, multiblocks and filling lines. The design features of the filtration membranes that make up the devices make it possible to achieve a high degree of purification of the liquid, while maintaining all the specified properties. Ease of operation of filtration systems is achieved by equipping with a convenient control interface and ease of membrane cleaning. The equipment has small dimensions, which allows it to be installed in any premises and is easy to move if necessary.

The high level of accuracy of the filtration processes implemented by the manufactured units allows our customers to organize the process of cleaning the product in accordance with accepted production standards and a given technology. If necessary, the equipment can be modified for the most successful integration into the filling line.

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