"AURORA" manufactures and supplies high-tech capsules machines for packaging pharmaceutical and cosmetic products in capsules. Installations of this type belong to the category of highly specialized industry equipment intended for operation at enterprises producing pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. To equip the production of this profile, we offer manual and automatic encapsulators that implement the processes of filling gelatin capsules with liquid, bulk, powdery, granular and other substances, as well as the subsequent capping and unloading of finished batches. All installations are characterized by simplicity of design and use, which makes them relevant for enterprises of various levels.

To create small batches of pharmaceutical products, we offer manual capsule filling machines (Capsule filling machine (120 cells, 1#) K1, Capsule filling machine (120 cells, 3#) K1). Devices of this type are made in the form of a desktop structure, which is a group of plates with special openings for placing the capsules in a vertical position. The operator fills the contents manually. Depending on the needs of the Customer’s production, a manual encapsulator can be adapted to work with capsules ranging in size from 0 to 5 and be made with a number of cells from 120 to 204 pieces. If it is necessary to expand the functionality of the installation, it is possible to equip a capsule-opening device.

In more complex semi-automatic capsule-filling machines, the systems independently distribute the capsules into the cells, after which the vacuum pump disconnects the upper part of the capsule from the bottom of the K4 capsule filling machine. The operator needs only to place the form with the capsules in the filling bunker, where the composition is automatically filled and the capsules become blocked. These processes are much faster and more accurate than manually. Along with full automation, semi-automatic machines have the most compliance with sanitary standards, rather than manual encapsulators.

The release of large quantities of drugs in gelatin capsules requires the greatest performance, which is achieved through the use of automatic encapsulators (Automatic encapsulator K4-72, Automatic encapsulator K4-10). While semi-automatic models only reduce the amount of operator physical effort, automatic encapsulators minimize operator participation. Full mechanization of the process leaves the staff only the need to make adjustments for different capsule sizes, types of fillers and dosage.

The use of these machines will allow achieving high precision filling of the drug, to increase the volume due to the speed of the process, as well as to avoid production costs associated with poor-quality compound capsules. Due to the accuracy of the filling and reliable capping of the capsules, the required pharmacological properties of the product are preserved and the expected effect from its administration is achieved.

All models of encapsulators are supplied with the necessary quality certificates and a full set of permits and validation documents. The equipment is manufactured in strict accordance with the requirements of international quality standards, including GMP. In the manufacture of all components used only high-quality materials, so that our installations are resistant to mechanical, corrosive and thermal effects.

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