Ancillary equipment

The company "AURORA" performs work on the manufacture of components, tooling and format parts for process equipment of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, chemical enterprises individual order. Over 20 years of work, we have managed to implement thousands of projects of various levels of complexity, including non-standard ones, such as the manufacture of equipment for filling sterile pharmaceutical products, complex and aggressive products.

In the manufacture of the filling line or any other packaging machine, we deal directly with the samples of bottles and caps provided by the customer and in each case we manufacture the equipment directly under them. In addition, to increase productivity and expand the functionality of a number of capping equipment, filling, labeling machines and conveyors, spare parts for various functional purposes are required.

The main consumable components include:

miniature membranes valve filling lines, cutting off the last drop, will prevent product loss;

CLAMP interconnects that serve to securely connect individual production modules;

silicone hoses that are used as lines leading the product to piston or peristaltic filling machines;

heads for sealing equipment, which, despite their high resource, as well as all mechanical elements, are subject to natural wear.

In addition, a wide range of components produced includes filling nozzles, position "stars", cup holders, induction sensors, pneumatic cylinders and other parts and devices that are designed to increase efficiency and other quality indicators of equipment operation. So, it is possible to increase the speed of the line with the help of starting pedals - insignificant at first glance, additions duplicating the equipment start button. To achieve greater universality of virtually any machine allow run-in devices, working simultaneously in tandem with the main applicators of labeling equipment.

In addition to the production of products for equipping installations manufactured by our company, we produce components for third-party equipment (including used ones). Manufacturing of equipment and format parts is carried out strictly from the materials allowed for use in the industry of the Customer production according to individual patterns. Most metal parts are manufactured at the production sites of our plant, while fluoroplastic seals and other fillers are manufactured in Austria by special order. All equipment is subject to mandatory certification and complies with all sanitary standards and established safety and quality standards.

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