Washing equipment

The purity of the bottles holds a special place in the production cycle of packaging of any products, since it directly affects the safety of their properties during the prescribed period. The key factors determining the quality of washing are the temperature and concentration of the washing solution, as well as the speed, power and duration of exposure to fluid flows. Achieving the optimal values of these parameters manually is difficult, therefore, enterprises producing mass-produced products use specialized washing facilities.

AURORA” produces reliable and efficient equipment for washing and rinsing bottles. Installations implement the mechanical and bacteriological cleaning of the surfaces of the container without the remnants of the washing solution. All models are equipped with devices carefully fixing the bottle, which excludes its damage or deformation. Depending on the needs of the enterprise, installations can be performed with semi-automatic and automatic control systems.

The work of semi-automatic washing machines is carried out with the help of an operator who manually installs and removes the bottle. Installations are optimal for washing small batches, which does not require high performance. Liquid supply can be carried out both from own accumulative tanks, and from external sources. If there is a need to increase the automation of production, the machine can be additionally equipped with a system for installing and removing bottles.

Automatic washing machines are equipped with devices for turning and feeding containers, which correctly position and fix the bottles in special positions. Based on the fact that the process of washing containers is part of the overall product packaging cycle, most models of this category are made with conveyors and accumulative tables, which allow them to be successfully integrated into complex filling lines. Due to the presence of microprocessor controllers, the machine is optimally synchronized with the work of the entire process line, timely supplying the filling area with clean and dry packaging.

The choice of washing equipment for each installation is determined based on the specifics of the Customer’s enterprise, the type of packaging used and the specific features of the process technology. So, especially for working with recycled pharmaceutical packaging, we produce the washing machine MO-3000M, which comes complete with a brushing device for deeper cleaning. For the treatment of glass ampoules intended for packaging sterile drugs, the installation of washing ampoules MO-12A is made.

The introduction of the MO-4000 installation, which is distinguished by its wide universality, makes it possible to implement the washing process for several sizes and bottle sizes.

The main advantages of the washing equipment of our production are high productivity, low water consumption and economical energy consumption. The wide functionality of the units is achieved by the possibility of completing the equipment for rinsing and drying the bottles. Flowing and distilled water, as well as special solutions can be used as a rinsing liquid. The control systems with which the machines are equipped provide automatic control of the temperature and pressure of the fluid supplied to the nozzles.

In the production of washing equipment used materials with high strength characteristics and resistance to long-term interaction with the liquid. The body and the main elements are made of stainless steel, allowed by all industry standards and international quality standards (GMP, HACCP).

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