Filling-capping monoblocks and triblocks

The implementation of product filling processes, capping and labeling of bottles in medium-sized and large-scale industries requires the provision of appropriate equipment that will allow organizing the working cycle in an optimal way. Filling monoblocks, used to perform these operations, have several advantages over stand-alone installations due to a unified management system, thanks to which all processes are synchronized in an ideal way, and operations are performed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The catalog of “AURORA” presents the models of monoblocks, developed taking into account the specifics of the activities of various industries. Installations implement the full cycle of operations for filling bottles with liquid, thick, pasty and dry products. For companies selling pharmaceutical products, we offer highly effective monoblocks for filling glycerin, penicillin vials, pharmacy solutions, infusion solutions, antiseptics, sprays and nasal drops. A number of models are designed specifically for enterprises producing essential oils, creams, gels, lotions and other products of the cosmetic industry. Among our developments are models that implement the processes of filling and capping of veterinary drugs, alcohol, gel for ultrasonography and other products of various industries.

Each monoblock is a unique machine designed according to an individual project provided by the Customer. If necessary, the constituent elements of the presented models can be made in other modifications, the most optimal for realizing the needs of a particular production. The capping installation and filling equipment can be made with an adaptation for a certain type of bottles and caps: with a spray bottle, with a dropper cap, plastic screw and aluminum caps by the method of twisting, sealing and capping with a given moment. Depending on the type of product, the filling unit, which is part of the monoblock, is completed with a piston, peristaltic, volumetric, gear, auger or vacuum filling device. The labeling module is selected according to the type of label and can apply both transparent and colored labels, circular, angular, translucent, metallic and other types of labels.

Monoblocks are distinguished by their universality by equipping them with additional devices — tube and cap feeders, bottle presence sensors, gauging printers, storage tables, conveyors, and other equipment. Depending on the required speed of the operations, the installations can be equipped with a turn table with the required number of positions. For small industrial premises, we offer a desktop monoblock that is small in size.

Work of filling and capping monoblocks is carried out in an automatic mode, which allows you to organize production in compliance with a given technology, ensuring standardization of processes and minimization of costs. The accuracy and consistency of each monoblock unit operation helps to reduce the time and energy costs associated with the implementation of processes. The introduction of installations into production will allow to increase the volumes of products and ensure high quality of its packaging.

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Filling and capping monoblock with peristaltic pumps

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