Capping equipment

Production of capping equipment is a landmark direction in our activity – we began our history in 1998 with the release of the semi-automatic capping machine MZ-400A. In the early years of development, the company specialized in dealing with capping issues, supplying installations for small pharmacies and medical facilities. Subsequently, following the changing needs of the market, production went through several stages of modernization, which allowed us to improve the manufactured capping machines. Particularly proud is the patented capping head, which allows the capping of several sizes of caps on one setup.

Today, this division of the factory is called "Aurora-PACK(r)". The range of manufactured capping machines is represented by manual, semi-automatic, automatic and linear installations, designed for both small businesses with small production volumes and for large enterprises that are demanding of performance. For small industries that produce small batches of products, the best solution will be semi-automatic capping machine MZ-400A or MZ-400E3, realizing the capping to 650 or 850 pieces/hour. If it is necessary to increase the capacity up to 1300 pcs/h, we offer models in which the operations of removing the bottle are sealed and the installation to be sealed (semi-automatic machine МЗ-400Е3М). Modular automatic MZ-400E4, equipped with an automatic rotating table at 6 positions, allows you to produce up to 2,000 sealed vials per hour. The most high-performance capping machine is the MZ-400E2, with a rotary table for 12 positions. The performance of this module reaches 3000 units of packaging per hour.

The devices implement the capping process with various methods:

plastic caps with a twist with a given moment;

aluminum caps used in pharmaceutical production;

aluminum screw caps with knurled threads and rolling of the lower band of the cover.

The advantage of our capping machines is the simplicity and efficiency of changeovers: to switch to closure of another product, only two sleeves need to be replaced – one on the capping head, the other – under the container. This eliminates the need to change the entire capping head. The simplicity and safety of operation, the use of quality materials and compliance with international quality standards determine the demand for our plants by manufacturers of food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, veterinary and chemical products.

It should be noted that the effectiveness of individual manual and semi-automatic capping modules is largely limited by the performance of service operators. That is why today our company pays special attention to automatic installations that can be used both autonomously and be built into monoblocks, triblocks and filling lines. We regularly develop new modifications that allow us to achieve maximum efficiency of the capping process by equipping stoppers and caps feeders, turn tables/trays, conveyors and other additional devices.

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Line capping machines

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