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The technological process of labeling occupies a special place in the overall production cycle, because the quality of its implementation directly affects the appearance of the product, consumer perception of the product and, ultimately, the brand's reputation. “AURORA” implements professional product labeling solutions designed to meet the needs of enterprises in various industries. Our catalog contains manual, semi-automatic and automatic systems designed for small, medium and large industries. Competent managers with extensive experience carry out the selection of the optimal solution depending on the characteristics of the business sector and individual production problems.

Manual labeling machines are the most optimal equipment for the production of small quantities of goods (2000-3000 per day). Our company’s catalog presents devices of this type for applying both a standard label (Manual labeling machine AE-3) and a wide label (Manual labeling machine for round bottles with a wide label AU-3 Plus). Installations with a manual control system are easy to use, autonomy (do not require a network connection) and mobility, which makes their operation as convenient as possible.

For medium production, we offer semi-automatic desktop labeling machines. The line of installations of this type includes a wide range of universal models intended for labeling bottles, tins, vials, cans, syringes and other containers (Semi-automatic labeling machine AE-1, Semi-automatic labeling machine AE-2 with dating device). Years of experience in the implementation of equipment for companies of different profiles allowed us to expand the range of manufactured labeling machine with models designed to solve narrower problems: Semi-automatic labeling machine for round and square tare AE-4 Plus, Semi-automatic labeling machine for tubes AE-7, Semi-automatic labeling machine for simultaneous front and back labels AE-2 Plus. These machines can be successfully integrated into any technological lines for filling and packaging.

Automatic labeling lines allow to solve the largest range of tasks, significantly save on operators and minimize the risk of packaging failure due to high accuracy of operations. We offer a wide range of labeling lines with a fully automated working cycle for applying one or several (front and back) paper or self-adhesive labels on various types of tare: High-performance labeling and marking line AE-5, Double-flow labeling line for transparent labels AE-5, Labeling machine for ampoules EA-24, Labeling line for conical containers with a capacity of 5000 fl / h AE-5 and others.

In accordance with production tasks, labeling lines can include in their functionality a remote control system, special software for editing label templates, the option to replace rolls without the need to stop production and a number of other possibilities. For the pre-drying of the container before applying the label, we supply “air knives” in the open version (Air knife UVN-200) and with a laminar cover (Air knife UVN-300). Running-in devices make it possible to achieve maximum density and perfect smoothness of applying a self-adhesive label without ribbing and bends: Roller for paper label on cold glue AE-400, Roller OE-100 for small containers, Three-roller label roller OE-300. Equipping with a thermal transfer printer (dating machine with DE-5 pneumatic actuator) allows you to put variable data on the package (production date, batch number, shifts, and other information).

All labeling equipment is regularly upgraded in accordance with modern standards and changing regulations. Machines are supplied to the facility with a full package of documents, which allows our customers to successfully certify and validate production processes. Highly professional employees of our company provide a full range of services: preliminary consulting, development of technical specifications jointly with the Customer, production, delivery, installation supervision and commissioning, as well as personnel training, warranty and post-warranty service.

Consumer confidence is the result of many years of experience in creating sophisticated production equipment. For more than twenty years of development, our company has managed to occupy a solid niche in the field of labeling products manufactured as part of the activities of various industrial areas: pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicine, food, cosmetic and chemical industries. Thanks to well-established schemes of work, flexible and favorable terms of cooperation, we are able to solve the tasks of equipping the production with optimal labeling equipment in the shortest possible time.

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