AE-5 Automatic Labeller with Printer, Right-hand Design

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AE-5 high-efficiency straight-line labelling unit is universal equipment for application of sticker labels on cylindrical PET and glass containers. The unit is equipped with an industrial bubble-jet printer for stamping of variable product data on flask bottoms.
The advantage of the labelling machine is simple and convenient refitting for flasks of different sizes. The label application and printing zones are equipped with sensors synchronising operation of the system and providing accuracy of label application on each container. The equipment may be used both self-standing and as part of a packing line.

Purpose and Scope of Application

The AE-5 automatic labeller is designed for application of sticker labels on plastic and glass flasks and printing of data on containers. The equipment is versatile and may be used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries.

Operating Principle

A group of containers to be labelled is transported to the label application zone. The container sensor detects a flask and actuates the applicator drive. The label is detached from the base, the pressure rollers cylinder activates and the label is rolled onto the container by the smoothener. After labelling, the flasks are moved to the printing zone by the side transporter and detected by the sensor there. Then the printer stamps the required information on the container bottom. The ready flasks are transported to the rotary accumulative table.

Major Elements

  • Label applicator;
  • Straight-line slate transporter.
  • Bubble-jet printer;
  • TDM-600 rotating table;
  • Control panel.


  • High accuracy of label application;
  • High quality of label smoothening for their tight contact with container surface;
  • Availability of the automatic printing system in the scope of supply;
  • Capability of integration in filling and packing lines;
  • Convenience of parameter setting by means of a colour touch screen.


This version of the equipment is adapted for application of labels on cylindrical flasks of several formats, which allows to use them for labelling of products from different ranges.

Operation Convenience

The labelling line is controlled by the PLC system with advanced functionality and extended set of options. The data is entered by means of a touch screen panel. The panel menu displays information on the number of labelled flasks and other statistics of equipment operation.


The labelling machine may be manufactured in both right-hand and left-hand versions. By the customer's request, the labeller may be fitted with a printer of different model, a photodetector container positioning system, a pressure transporter for clamping of unstable containers, a rejection device and other additional stations.


Reliable structure, high-quality materials and accessories, strict quality control at all production stages provide long-term stable operation of the equipment in high-intensity conditions.



  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical production comprehensive fitting out
  • Food production
  • Veterinary
  • Chemistry
  • Other industry segments

Label type: Weight (kg): 200

Non-transparent sticker

Flask shape:

Non-transparent sticker

No. of flask sizes (pcs):


No. of flows (pcs):


No. of label applicators (pcs):


Roller type:


Transporter type:

Slate corrosion-proof

Transporter belt width (mm):


Power consumption (kW), max:


Power supply (V/Hz):


Labeller dimensions (mm), max:


Printing zone dimensions (mm), max:


Weight (kg):


Applicator type:


Feeding speed (m/min):

3.0 to 10.0

Label sensor type:

Gap optic

Minimal label length (mm):


Adapter height (mm):


Rotary table diameter (mm):


Table dimensions (mm), max:


Table weight (kg):


Due to constant improvement of the structure, exterior and characteristics of equipment may slightly differ.

В связи с постоянной модернизацией конструкции возможны незначительные изменения внешнего вида и характеристик оборудования.

Type of label being glued: Label with cold gluing
Type: Manual
Labeling machine type: Manual labeling machines

В связи с постоянной модернизацией конструкции возможны незначительные изменения внешнего вида и характеристик оборудования.