Filling lines


The transition to the automation of technological processes is an integral part of the development of any production. The increase in the volume of products involves the implementation of appropriate modernization of equipment, allowing to successfully cope with the solution of new problems. One of the most effective and cost-effective ways of organizing technological processes of large and medium-sized enterprises is the introduction of multifunctional lines that implement the full cycle of operations in automatic mode.

AURORA” manufactures complete filling lines to equip enterprises in various industries. The machines implement operations related to the packaging of the product, and are used for filling a wide range of food products (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, oils, purees, syrups and others), pharmaceutical and veterinary drugs, household and automotive chemicals, cosmetics, liquids for electronic cigarettes .

The functionality of each line is determined based on the needs of a particular production. Installations may include process implementation sites:

  • filtration of impurities

  • blowing out PET – bottles;

  • carbonation of liquids by saturation with carbon dioxide;

  • blending;

  • washing of bottles;

  • automatic filling of the product in bottles;

  • capping tare of various types;

  • labeling one or several labels;

  • grouping of bottles;

  • film wrapping of finished products.


Lines are assembled by our production units. The main functional elements of the complexes are:

tare washing machine,

tare orientation systems,

filling equipment,

capping equipment,

stopper and cap orientation systems,



packaging equipment.

These modules are united by a conveyor line, the route of which can be built in accordance with the size of the premises and the specifics of the organization of a particular production. To extend the functionality, any line can be supplemented with an installation for saturating water with ozone, a product cooler, a compressor with blowing compressed air, a device for blowing out PET bottles, automatic packaging machines, a date printer and other devices that make the processes even more efficient.

The development of equipment is carried out in accordance with the latest industry trends, GOST and other standards governing the production of installations of this type. Manufacturing of components is implemented on its own site, equipped with high-tech equipment of leading world manufacturers. The body and all main parts of the filling lines are made of stainless steel. At the request of the Customer it is possible to use other materials, the use of which is permitted by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Installations are delivered with a full package of documents, including for carrying out certification and validation, and also with a guarantee and the instruction in Russian.

Accuracy of operations and perfect synchronization of processes can significantly save energy costs, and equipping product loss prevention systems to reduce production costs. The construction of the lines provides for the absence of contact of the product with extraneous surfaces and the presence of protective fences, due to which the required level of sterility and compliance with all sanitary standards are achieved. "Smart" control systems provide the ability to customize the operation of individual nodes and the transparency of control over the process.

Filling lines produced by “AURORA” can rightly be called the leaders of the Russian packaging market. For more than 20 years we have managed to implement hundreds of projects to equip the pharmaceutical, veterinary, food, cosmetic and chemical industries with reliable complexes that allowed manufacturers to reach a new level of development.

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