Semi-automatic mini-filling, capping and labeling line for plastic and laminated tubes

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Semi-automatic mini-filling, capping and labeling line for plastic and laminated tubes is a multifunctional complex, which includes three main functional areas. The module is equipped with an optimal set of equipment that allows you to implement key product packaging processes at a high level of quality, while reducing production costs.

The development of this line was carried out taking into account the peculiarities of the tubes sealing process at enterprises of various industries. High strength characteristics of materials used in the manufacture of components provide a long service life of the installation, eliminating the occurrence of corrosion.


Scope and field of application

The semi-automatic mini-line of this model is intended for packing products of various viscosity degrees (including thick ones) into plastic and laminate tubes, as well as subsequent capping and labeling. The complex is widely demanded in the activities of enterprises engaged in the production of products in tubes: food (production of sauces, jams, mousses), cosmetic (creams, lotions, toothpastes), pharmaceutical (ointments, emulsions) and a number of other industrial areas.


Working principle

The operator places the prepared tubes in the filling zone, after which, using the pedal, starts the filling pump, after that there is filling. Next, the tube is transferred to the corresponding cup holder of the sealing station, equipped with push-button controls, and, after pressing the START button, the weld is welded. Then the filled tube is moved to the labeling area. Preliminary operator manually sets the roll (bobbin) labels. After pressing the pedal, the label is applied and running in, as well as the date stamped on the label (optional).


Main elements

  • Semi-automatic ultrasonic machine MZ-400ZT for tubes sealing;
  • Semi-automatic labeling machine AE-7;
  • Semi-automatic volume-piston pump with receiving tank MD-500M1.



  • Mini-line sections operate in semi-automatic mode, significantly reducing production costs of the enterprise;
  • The presence of replaceable elements in the equipment allows for readjustment for tubes of various sizes;
  • Small-sized complex does not imply the allocation of a large space for its placement.



The universality of the mini-line is due to the possibility of using a wide range of sizes for packaging different products in tubes.


Operational comfort

Each section is equipped with its own control system that allows you to customize the work of individual nodes in accordance with a given production technology.


Design variants

Individual approach is one of the work fundamental principles of “AURORA PACK ENGINEERING”. Development of the project of each line is carried out on the basis of the Customer’s technical specification, which allows us to create modules with an optimal set of options for the needs of a specific production.



This mini-line is manufactured in compliance with all safety standards adopted in the field of industrial equipment, which ensures the reliability of its operation.

В связи с постоянной модернизацией конструкции возможны незначительные изменения внешнего вида и характеристик оборудования.

Number of filling nozzles: 1
Filling machine type: Semi-automatic piston pumps
Type of label being glued: Adhesive label
Filling range: 10-5000
Voltage: 220
  • Complex equipping of pharmaceutical production
  • Food production
  • Cosmetics
Type: Semi-auto
Type of bottles: 
  • Пластиковые тубы
  • Ламинатные тубы
Production: 1000
Label length: 20 - 320 mm
Filling machine type: Semi-automatic filling lines
Label width: 20 - 170 mm
Labeling machine type: Semi-automatic table top labeling machines
Тип тубной машины: Semi-automatic machines for tubes

В связи с постоянной модернизацией конструкции возможны незначительные изменения внешнего вида и характеристик оборудования.

Полуавтомат розлива МД-500М1 с функцией забора продукта
Полуавтомат розлива МД-500М1 с функцией забора продукта

Настольный поршневой дозатор для жидких продуктов с нижней подачей (т.е. без бункера). Имеет диапазон дозирования от 10 до 2000 мл.

2,2 kW; 1; Semi-automatic piston pumps; Type: Semi-auto; Food production, Cosmetics, Electronic cigarettes; 220 V; Medicine, Water and non-carbonated drinks, Juice, Corrosive liquid; Glass bottles , Plastic bottles ; до 1000; 1200x700x1100 мм; Semi-automatic piston pumps; от не более 170 kg;

Semi-automatic ultrasonic sealing machine for tubes
Semi-automatic ultrasonic sealing machine for tubes MZ-400ZT

The semi-automatic ultrasonic sealing machine for tubes MZ-400ZT is designed to work with plastic, polymine and composite tubes.

до 2 kW; Поршневой; 0,15-0,8 MPa; до 80 мм; нет отрасли; Type: Semi-auto; 220 V; Fluid foods; 1000; Пластиковые тубы, Ламинатные тубы; Manual labeling machines; 50-250 mm; от 1; 0,1-9,9 сек; 0,1-9,9 сек; Semi-automatic machines for tubes; 1100x650x530 мм; Semi-automatic machines for tubes; от 86 kg;

Полуавтоматический этикетировщик на тубы
Полуавтоматический этикетировщик на тубы АЭ-7

Полуавтоматическая этикетировочная машина подходит для нанесения самоклеющихся этикеток на пластиковые мягкие тубы. Возможно применение данного оборудования на фармацевтических, химических, пищевых и косметических производствах. Возможно использование на разные типы размеры туб.

0,03 kW; Adhesive label; 220 V; Complex equipping of pharmaceutical production, Food production, Cosmetics, Veterinary medicine, Chemistry, Electronic cigarettes; Type: Semi-auto; 1000; 20-320 mm; 20-170 mm; Semi-automatic table top labeling machines; 20-185 mm; 15-120 mm; 240 mm; 680x780660x мм; Semi-automatic table top labeling machines; от 95 kg;

Комплект для пластиковых и ламинатных туб

Показана этикетировка тубы, фасовка продукта в тубу и ее запайка