Marking equipment

Marking is one of the most important operations for the production of any product, involving drawing on the packaging of graphic or textual information on the date of manufacture, shelf life, composition, place of production and other information about the product. The implementation of this technological process is carried out with the help of specialized devices – sensors (thermal printers, markers). The main requirements of manufacturers of marking equipment – fast application, no lubrication in contact with other packaging and the fence of the conveyor, as well as long-term preservation of printed information.

AURORA” offers professional solutions that ensure maximum efficiency in the implementation of the processes associated with the marking of containers. At the request of the Customer, all monoblocks, triblocks and filling lines produced by our company can be equipped with labeling and marking equipment produced by our partners. The most important advantage of the printers used to complete our equipment is the fast drying of ink, the economical consumption of ink and the low price compared to competitive offers.

The choice of printer for each installation depends on the volume of processed labels, the required speed of operations and other individual characteristics. Depending on the marking technology chosen, it is possible to use ink jet, thermal jet and thermal transfer printers. Thermal inkjet printers have a lower price and put only textual information (Dating machine DE-1, Dating machine DE-2). These devices are optimum for work in the conditions of small volumes of production. The use of ink jet printers that implement contactless printing technology makes it possible to most effectively mark flat and curved surfaces with different types of ink (Labeling line with ink jet printer AE-5). The principle of operation of thermal transfer printers is based on the method of thermal transfer of ink from ribbon to label using hot print heads with interchangeable fonts installed on it. The use of markers based on this equipment (Domino A200 marking printer, Domino A400 marking printer) ensures long-term preservation of the printed information due to its resistance to temperature changes and other adverse external influences. We supply the device with a cassette with interchangeable fonts to install any digital and text combination. For enterprises engaged in the production of serial goods, a dating machine DE-5 with a pneumatic actuator is provided, with a capacity of up to 5,000 units of packaging per hour.

We offer not only individual devices that can be equipped with lines, but also ready-made labeling solutions – A double flow labeling line for transparent labels AE-5, labeling module AE-5 with thermal printer, High-performance labeling and dating line AE-5 and others. Installations are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of all industry standards (GMP, GPP, HACCP). Models are regularly upgraded and complemented by new features.

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