Mixing units

Mixing units are integral equipment used to prepare a wide range of products. The devices are installed in capacitive devices with the product and implement the processes of mixing, dispersing and circulating substances, as well as creating a uniform consistency. This equipment is in demand in the activities of pharmaceutical, veterinary, food, cosmetic and chemical enterprises.

AURORA” manufactures a wide range of models of mixing units for working with liquid, medium-viscous, viscous, thick, heterogeneous, solid and granular media. In the process of mixing, there is a circulation movement of the product around the circumference, which results in a uniform distribution of components, suspended particles and heat, as well as dispersion of droplets and air bubbles. Equipping with a heating device allows you to maintain the required temperature, which is a prerequisite for filling a variety of products.

The main working element of the mechanical mixing equipment is the mixer. Depending on the consistency and other features of the product, the devices are equipped with mixers of various structural forms:


spiral screw,




To achieve maximum homogeneity of the product, a model of a mixing device with a homogenizer is provided.

The main part of the produced units is a floor construction with a base, an electric boom and a manual winch. A simple control system makes it easy to adjust the temperature, mixing intensity and other parameters. If it is necessary to maximally save the working space, we offer mounted models for fixing inside tanks of different diameters (mixing device for tank UP-200M 410 mm diameter, mixing device for tank UP-200M 550 mm diameter).

The choice of the optimal installation depends on the properties of the product and the requirements for the implementation of the mixing process in a particular plant. Based on the needs of each Customer, we carry out the selection of the most efficient machine with the optimal configuration, which will allow achieving the required level of product quality.

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