Vibration feeder for plastic caps OK-2000

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Vibration feeder for plastic caps OK-2000, manufactured by our company “AURORA PACK ENGINEERING”, ensures the correct location of the caps entering the stage of the capping operation. The simplicity of management, along with the wide functionality, ensures the demand for this equipment in the activities of domestic and foreign companies in various industries.

The installation is made of stainless steel, characterized by high strength characteristics, and fully complies with all GMP standards. The machine can be supplied both in autonomous version and as part of multifunctional filling lines.


Scope and field of application

This feeder is designed to orient plastic caps, move them into the capping zone along the outlet stream (guide rail) and put it on the bottle. The device is widely demanded by pharmaceutical companies producing medical products in glass bottles, as well as manufacturers of cosmetic and perfume products (for sealing containers with lotions, perfumes, creams and other goods).


Working principle

The caps are placed in the hopper and the operator starts the machine. As a result of vibratory waves, the caps begin to move upward along the spiral chute. Half a turn of the spiral to the exit of the bunker, the caps are turned around the spiral-forming wire with a reflector. Incorrectly oriented caps go back to the bunker, and the rest, forming one continuous queue, move to the bracket, then to the channel for supplying the caps (guide rail) and to the mechanism for putting on the caps. Under the influence of clamping elements, each cap is centered and aligned with the neck of the bottle to be capped.


Main elements

  • Hopper;
  • Vibrobase;
  • Guide rail;
  • Put on mechanism for caps;
  • Hopper frame.



  • The model realizes the orientation of more than 3000 caps per hour;
  • The feeder can be installed in the filling line of both our and third-party production;
  • Small dimensions and low weight of the installation provide ease of its movement;
  • The product complies with quality standards, including international.



The model of this type feeder is adapted to work with covers of various diameters, which allows the installation to be used for the production of a wide range of goods.


Operational comfort

The machine has an ergonomic design and is equipped with a simplified control system, work with which does not require special skills from personnel.


Design variants

AURORA PACK ENGINEERING” manufactures caps feeders with various technical characteristics. The optimal modification is determined on the basis of an individual technical specification provided by the Customer. For industries using aluminum caps, we offer a model of the OK-2000 vibration feeder for aluminum caps.



The feeder development and production is carried out by our specialists in strict accordance with the requirements in the field of industrial safety, which guarantees the reliability of operation of installations.


В связи с постоянной модернизацией конструкции возможны незначительные изменения внешнего вида и характеристик оборудования.

Тип ориентатора : Caps and stoppers vibration feeder machine
Capacity: до 0,4 kW
Габариты, мм (Д х Ш х В): 1500 х 600 х 500
Voltage: 220
Production: от 3000
Weight: 40 kg

В связи с постоянной модернизацией конструкции возможны незначительные изменения внешнего вида и характеристик оборудования.