Feeders and elevators

Feeders and elevators belong to the category of auxiliary equipment and are used to move bottles, stoppers and caps from the loading area (bunker) to the filling and capping areas. Installations are widely demanded in the activities of industries producing pharmaceutical, cosmetic and veterinary drugs.

AURORA” produces reliable and efficient equipment for the orientation and supply of caps, stoppers and vials to the capping device. Devices in automatic mode have these capping materials in a single installed position, ensuring the speed and simplicity of their movement to the place of twist and ease of rolling (twisting, plugging or running in) on the neck of the container.

Based on the needs of customers, our specialists have developed three main lines of elevator equipment:

feeders and elevators for bottles;

caps feeders and elevators;

vibration feeders for stoppers and caps.

The equipment of vibration feeders (Vibration feeder for aluminum caps OK-2000) is most relevant for small industries that produce small batches of products. In elevator-type feeders, the operations of orientation and lifting of the material to the required height are combined, which saves time for the implementation of these operations and does not require any additional equipment for filling the loading tank with caps. To load a large volume of caps, we offer an Elevator-type feeder (8000 pcs/h) BK-3000, equipped with a spacious tank.

Feeders manufactured by our company are distinguished by wide functional capabilities. Thus, in a number of models the option of preliminary twisting of the botte for 1.5-2 turns is provided (Elevator-type feeder BK-3000). In order to achieve maximum efficiency and uninterrupted operation, the feeder can be equipped with a sensor for automatically stopping the movement of caps when the output trough is full. For operation at high-risk facilities, it is possible to produce explosion-proof models. Replacing the orientation / vibration tank heads allows the unit to be used to work with caps of various shapes and sizes.

Installations are operated as a part of the multipurpose capping equipment, monoblocks, triblock, multiblocks and complex filling lines. The choice of speed, intensity and volume of orientation ensures uninterrupted operation of the machine. Equipping with an orientator allows increasing the productivity of the entire installation several times, ensuring high accuracy of positioning of caps and stoppers, which, in turn, guarantees the quality of the subsequent capping of bottles and preservation of the product during transportation.

Production of devices of this type is carried out on the basis of our own highly qualified specialists' own developments using advanced engineering technologies. As part of the modernization of production, regularly conducted on the basis of simpler models, new, improved and more productive modifications are being created that fully meet all the demands of consumers.

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Bottles unscrambles and elevator feeders

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