3 in 1 machine – multiblock for filling juice in PET bottles “Master”

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The cleanness of the bottles, the accuracy of the filling and the tightness of the capping are the most important conditions for the production of high-quality natural juices, nectars and juice-containing drinks. That is why the bona fide manufacturers of this category of products pay special attention to the choice of equipment to perform all key technological processes.

To ensure the most accurate implementation of filling of juices with observance of all necessary hygienic standards, the specialists of the company “AURORA PACK ENGINEERING” have developed a multifunctional 3 in 1 machine “Master” for filling juice in PET bottles. The plant is made of high-quality materials and using innovative engineering technologies, which allows you to organize production in accordance with the requirements of HACCP, GOST R 51705.1-2001 and other industry standards.


Scope and field of application

3 in 1 machine – multiblock “Master” for filling juice in PET bottles is designed for washing, drying, filling juice and sealing PET bottles with a volume of 330 to 1000 ml. This machine is used in food production of various profiles.


Working principle

Rinsing and drying

The bottles are installed in the rinsing and drying unit, where it is distributed using the input drum. Then each bottle is brought under the rinsing mechanism, which is a nozzle with a supplied tube with a liquid for rinsing the container from the inside. Bottle is captured by the holder and moves in a circle, occasionally turning over. With the help of nozzles installed on the outside, the outside is rinsed. At the end of the process, the bottle is dried in the same way.


Next, the bottles are sent to the filling unit. After positioning, the product is filled in the desired way (hot filling, up to 90 g). The process is implemented using a level mechanism of filling: the required volume is determined depending on the set height of the nozzle into the bottle.


The filled container comes first to the feeding area of the lids, and then to the capping post. Hermetically sealed bottles are transferred to the blowing area (air knife), where they are dried from the outside before labeling.

With the help of a plate conveyor, fully packaged bottles are delivered to the exit table.


Main elements

  • Rinsing unit;
  • Drying unit;
  • Filling unit;
  • Capping unit;
  • Caps orienting unit;
  • Remote control;
  • Blowing unit (air knife).



  • Full automation of all stages: rinsing, filling, capping and drying;
  • Elimination of foreign substances in the container with the product;
  • If necessary, this 3 in 1 machine can be integrated into a complex production line;
  • Components interacting with the product are made from materials allowed for use in the food industry;
  • Substantial savings in energy and labor production costs.



This model of the 3 in 1 machine is adapted to work with different types of juices and a wide range of bottles and caps.


Operational comfort

Separate functional units are driven by a single electric motor with a gearbox. On the touch panel located on the control unit, the operator can set the parameters of individual operations.


Design variants

AURORA PACK ENGINEERING” implements 3 in 1 machine of this model in various modifications. The performance of each installation depends on a number of factors, the main of which is the type of product used. We offer similar machines adapted for filling a wide range of food products (juices, milk, carbonated drinks, beer, vodka), aggressive liquids (household and car chemicals), as well as hot filling - both in plastic and glass bottles. If necessary, the number of working operations can be increased to five (4 in 1 machine or multiblock).



Work processes are carried out in a tightly capped area, which allows avoiding the entry of foreign substances and makes the operator's work safe.

В связи с постоянной модернизацией конструкции возможны незначительные изменения внешнего вида и характеристик оборудования.

Производительность, шт/ч 2000 - 4000 4000 - 6000 8000 - 10000

12000 - 15000

18000 - 20000 20000 - 24000
Количество форсунок, шт


18 24 32 40  50
Количество сопел, шт  12   18   24   32  40   50 
Количество укупорочных головок, шт  6   6   8   10  12   15 
Диапазон дозирования, мл 330 - 500  330 - 500  330 - 500  330 - 500  330 - 500  330 - 500
Напряжение, В 380 380  380   380   380   380 
Мощность, кВт  4,23  5,03  6,57 8,63  9,63 9,63
Расход воды, кг/ч 800 1600 2500 3500 3500 3500
Рабочее давление, МПа 0,18 0,18 0,18 0,18 0,18 0,18
Габариты, мм  2100*1500*2200  2450*1800*2200  2750*2180*2200  3500*2200*2250  3500*2200*2250  3500*2200*2250
Вес, кг  2000 3500 5500  6000   8000  8000

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