Триблок-мультиблок для розлива водки "Мастер"

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Today 3 in 1 filling machines and multiblocks are the most advanced equipment and significantly surpass any technological filling lines consisting of separate nodes in terms of manufacturability and productivity. The 3 in 1 filling machine “Master” for vodka filling was developed by “AURORA PACK ENGINEERING” specialists especially for companies that produce alcohol-containing and flammable liquids. The model allows you to organize a full cycle of filling of alcoholic beverages, realizing all the processes promptly and with high efficiency.

The equipment meets the requirements for equipment of food production. The units in contact with the product are made of stainless steel and other materials that meet European and Russian sanitary and hygienic requirements.


Scope and field of application

3 in 1 filling machine “Master” for alcohol filling is designed to prepare containers for filling (rinsing and drying), filling it with a product and capping it with caps. The installation is widely in demand in the activities of distilleries that sell products in glass containers of various sizes.


Working principle

  • Rinsing

The container is placed in a 3 in 1 filling machine, where it enters the auger, which distributes the bottles into the grooves of the input drum. The rinse aid holder grabs the container and moves it in a circle. Inside each bottle there are nozzles to which a tube of liquid is connected. Periodically, the container turns over. Rinsing from the outside is carried out using special nozzles.

  • Drying

Drying of bottles is carried out both from the inside and from the outside.

  • Filling

Previously, the bottles are oriented to ensure the accuracy of filling in a strictly specified volume. After filling the product, the bottle is sent to the capping mechanism.

  • Capping

The orientation system feeds the cap, after which capping is carried out.

Further, the bottles go into the blowing zone, where an external drying (air knife) is carried out, after which it moves to the exit table via the conveyor.


Main elements

  • Rinsing unit;

  • Drying unit;

  • Filling unit;

  • Capping unit;

  • Caps feeding unit;

  • PLC;

  • Blowing unit.



  • Production capacity of equipment can reach 17000 pcs/hour;

  • Accuracy of filling level;

  • The entire production process of filling is carried out automatically, does not require the participation of working personnel;

  • Contactless filling;

  • 3 in 1 machine easily integrates into an integrated packaging line;

  • With the installation of a 3 in 1 machine in your production, you significantly save production space, electricity and the number of staff.



The universality of this 3 in 1 machine is due to the possibility of using different types of product in production, which is achieved by adjusting the parameters and equipping with replaceable equipment sets.


Operational comfort

This model is designed with all key requirements for ergonomics and ensuring the comfort of staff.


Design variants

3 in 1 machines or multibloks “Master” are produced by our company for the needs of a specific Customer. We implement these plants in various modifications depending on the type of product being manufactured: for filling juices, beer, medical alcohol, milk, as well as household and automotive chemicals, calm and aggressive liquids.



The operation safety of the installation is ensured by the tightness of the enclosure of the working areas, which eliminates the occurrence of traumatic situations and prevents the ingress of contaminants into the bottles with the product.

В связи с постоянной модернизацией конструкции возможны незначительные изменения внешнего вида и характеристик оборудования.

Производительность, шт/ч 1500 - 2000 2000 - 3500 3500 - 5000

5000 - 8000

8000 - 13000 17000
Количество форсунок, шт


18 24 32 40  50
Количество сопел, шт  12   18   24   32  40   50 
Количество укупорочных головок, шт  6   6   8   10  12   15 
Тип тары  Стекло  Стекло  Стекло  Стекло  Стекло  Стекло
Диапазон дозирования, мл 500  500  500  500  500  500
Напряжение, В 380 380  380   380   380   380 
Мощность, кВт  5,88  6,68  7,68 7,68 9,18 9,18
Расход воды, кг/ч 800 1600 2500 2500 3500 3500
Рабочее давление, МПа 0,18 0,18 0,18 0,18 0,18 0,18
Габариты, мм  2100*1500*2200  2450*1800*2200  2750*2180*2200  2750*2180*2200  3600*2800*3150  3600*2800*3150
Вес, кг  2000 3000 4000 5000 5000 5000

В связи с постоянной модернизацией конструкции возможны незначительные изменения внешнего вида и характеристик оборудования.