Capacitive equipment and reactors

"AURORA" sells high-quality capacitive equipment and reactors designed for the storage and preparation of liquid, viscous and thick products (mixtures, solutions, suspensions and others). Installations of this type are widely demanded by the enterprises of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry.

The equipment is a vertically located cylindrical tank. Production is carried out on the basis of an individual project. In the process of performing calculations and design, the capacity configuration, the optimal type of materials and equipment are determined. We offer this equipment as standard, and with advanced functionality. Depending on production tasks, the capacitive equipment can be equipped with:

  • devices for maintaining a constant temperature, heating or cooling the working environment;

  • mixing devices of various types and different capacities with adjustable rotation speeds or fixed ones;

  • system to maintain pressure;

  • sensors of temperature, vacuum, compressed gas, pressure gauges;

  • washing devices of the inner surface (CIP washing system);

  • electric motors and explosion-proof actuators;

  • control panel with PLC;

  • a viewing window, which can be illuminated, and a cleaning unit;

  • heat transfer jackets (heating jacket and cooling jacket);

  • an additional manual or automatic hatch over the top of the reactor cover.


The production of tanks is carried out using steel grade AISI 304, characterized by resistance to acids, alkalis and other aggressive chemicals. If necessary, the installation surface can be treated with additional protective compounds. For enterprises that have special requirements for compliance with sanitary standards during production, it is possible to hermetically seal containers with all the necessary technological binding.

The use of reactors and tanks with mixing devices allows you to optimally organize the technological processes of the product preparation before filling (mixing, homogenizing and dispersing), ensuring the homogeneity of the components. The presence of covers eliminates the ingress of air, dirt and other foreign substances into the container during storage.

One of the key advantages of the capacitive plants manufactured by our company is a modern interface that provides maximum simplicity and ease of operation. The basis of the control systems with which the devices are equipped is a multi-channel programmable controller. Setting the required temperature, mixing / heating / cooling time, mixing device speed and other parameters of the operation mode is carried out using the touch control panel.

The range of installations in this category is constantly being upgraded and updated with new models that meet modern industry requirements. Our competent managers with years of experience in the shortest possible time will select the device that is ideally suitable for your production, taking into account the specifics of the field of activity and the volume of products.

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