Filling and sealing tubes

Tube is one of the most common types of packaging used for packaging cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products. Many manufacturers prefer this type of packaging, characterized by a low price and excellent strength characteristics, which allows ensuring the preservation of the desired properties of the product. For consumers, the main advantage of a product in tubes is ease of use, achieved by the possibility of multiple opening / closing and the elimination of product spilling during operation and transportation.

In the conditions of mass industrial production, the process of filling tubes with a product is fraught with a number of difficulties, due to the design feature of this tare. For the most accurate and fast implementation of packaging in tubes, “AURORA” offers a wide range of high-performance tube filling machines. The equipment is available for packaging ointments, creams, gels, scrubs, sauces, mustard, condensed milk and other viscous substances in aluminum, plastic and laminate tubes.

The main work cycle of packing machine includes:

supply of tubes to the receiving tank (in automatic packing machines);

filling of the product;

sealing of tubes (soldering or crimping);


unloading of the sealed product.


Features of our company's filling machines:

The equipment is characterized by compactness, environmental friendliness and high working life;

The sealing of the tube with the product is automated in all models;

The wetted surfaces are made of 316L stainless steel;

The mechanism and drive parts are hidden under the body panel.


The manufactured tube-filling units are manufactured taking into account the specific features of the specific Customer’s activities. The difference between the packing machines is in performance, the ability to work with a particular type of product, the availability of additional functions and design. We produce both semi-automatic machines, the supply of empty tubes in which the operator performs, and fully automated installations. Individual machines are equipped with options for heating and mixing the product at the stage of filling and cooling the container after filling. In order to preserve the highest purity of the product in installations, we offer the equipment for blowing an open tube with a stream of compressed air. The sealed seam can be straight or figured, and also have an imprint of the packing date. After sealing the weld can be cut. The closure of tubes can be made with caps of various types – folding, unscrewing, with dispensers and others.

All models of these machines are universal, thanks to the ability to work with tubes of various types and sizes. If it is necessary to use several types of containers and caps, we manufacture replaceable accessories. The simplicity of the format change allows you to quickly move to work with a different type of tube in a few minutes.

Machines for filling in tubes sold by our company are widely demanded by companies producing pharmaceutical, veterinary, food and cosmetic products. Simple to operate, reliable and safe, they ensure high quality of the finished product due to tight sealing, as well as the presentable appearance of the product.

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