Filling and sealing of cups

PET-cup is one of the most universal types of packaging for a wide range of food products: fruit, desserts, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, soft cheese, honey, jam, pate and others. Manufacturers prefer this type of packaging because of the low cost, durability and environmental friendliness of plastic. At the same time, to ensure the preservation of freshness, taste and other qualities of the goods produced, the functionality and efficiency of the equipment, through which the product is packed and the packaging is sealed, is of particular importance.

AURORA” produces reliable and efficient equipment for filling liquid, thick and pasty products into plastic cups. These machines are made in a monoblock configuration and implement the sequential execution of operations of feeding and packing in glasses, as well as subsequent sealing with film or aluminum foil. The nomenclature of manufactured models of packing machines includes both semi-automatic installations (Semi-automatic filling and sealing monoblock “Master” MZ-400ED for PET cups, Semi-automatic filling and sealing machine with auger for PET cups) and automatic installations (Automatic filling and sealing monoblock for PET cups MZ-400ED). In semi-automatic installations, the operator manually sets empty cups, applies foil (film) for sealing, and moves the container between nodes. Directly, the filling and sealing processes implemented by the machines are carried out fully automatically.

Machines can be made with the possibility of packaging of two-component products, as well as products with different inclusions (pieces of fruit, berries, nuts, etc.). The type of filling pump, filling speed of the bottles and other technical features of each installation are determined at the stage of approval of the technical specifications provided by the Customer. Depending on the dimensions of the production premises, we can offer equipment both in the floor and in the desktop version. All manufactured machines are compact in size due to the optimal location of functional units. Due to the possibility of readjustment, the devices can pack the product in cups of various sizes and shapes (round, square, rectangular and others).

The main material used in the manufacture of machine components is stainless steel, recommended by the main Russian and international standards adopted in the food industry (GOST, HACCP). Complete with the equipment we deliver a full package of permitting and accompanying documentation confirming the high quality and safety of its operation.

The machines presented in our catalog are an effective solution both for equipping large and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for small industries that increase production volumes. The introduction of filling plants in production will allow organizing the process of dispensing the product in PET cups in compliance with all the specified technologies.