3 in 1 machines and multiblocks

3 in 1 machines and multiblocks of filling liquid products are machines with several functional areas, combined into a single control system. Installations of this type are distinguished by increased accuracy of synchronization of operations, due to which high efficiency and operability of process implementation is achieved.

AURORA” manufactures high-tech 3 in 1 machines and multiblocks for filling a wide range of liquid products in PET and glass containers:

calm liquids,

medical alcohol,

sweet carbonated drinks,





hot filling,

aggressive liquids.


Our specialists develop and produce machines of this type in various modifications. The main operations performed by the units are rinsing the bottles, filling it with product and capping / sealing. Additionally, machines may include areas of drying, orientation of caps, labeling and date stamping. The performance of each installation is determined on the basis of taking into account the required performance, product features, type of packaging used and other individual factors. If there is a need for expanding the functionality, the number of installation operations can be increased by completing with additional devices: caps feeder, covers, a labeling module, a sensor and others.

Block layout has a number of advantages in comparison with stand-alone installations: all functional areas are managed using a unified management system, ensuring optimum performance. Alignment of work of each node ensures reduction of expenses of production resources (time, energy, labor of personnel). The compactness of installations allows you to organize a full cycle of filling operations in relatively small spaces, which saves space in the production area. Machines differ in convenience of operation, simplicity of leaving and service.

The production of monoblocks and 3 in 1 machines is made of stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant materials, which guarantees the durability of the components and the reliability of operation of our machines. Filling systems with which machines are equipped are designed to meet all the sanitary standards for filling products in various industries. The tightness of the base eliminates the ingress of air, dust and other foreign particles. To ensure increased hygiene requirements, we offer additional equipment with a laminar cover that prevents unwanted substances from entering the external work space.

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